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Game of War Fire Age Full Review

Game of War Fire Age is a 2013 freemium cellular telephone MMO strategy video game developed and released by Machine Zone (MZ), a privately held company based in Palo Alto, California.

You play the part of a king, trying to assemble the most powerful kingdom potential in a game world full of other players with the very same purpose. On the home front, your focus is constructing and updating constructions. Some are for collecting the resources you have to make even more material (rock, wood, ore, food and silver), while some are needed to create troops, research new technologies, and the like. Every job in your city needs time and resources, and most of the powerups in the game allow you to complete something quicker.

There ’s additionally a military aspect to the game too. You’ll want tricks and defensive structures to hold onto what’s yours, plus troops to assault other cities for plunder and renown. Heading the charge is a hero unit who can be leveled up to buff up the remainder of your military, and can even have weapons and armour crafted for him (or her, we’re all about equality here).

There’s a great rationale for it, if any of this seems familiar to you. Game of War sticks quite close to the script used by Kingdoms of The Hobbit and Camelot : Kingdoms of Middle Earth, to name just a couple of. The fact that you can team up with other players to form Coalitions is’t first by any stretch of the imagination.

Game of War Fire Age Review

I adore Game of War Fire Age. It’s the most addictive game on my iPhone that I believe I played. I adore the societal set up of the game, the player versus player, and the empire building. The best thing about the game is that the full version of the game is free. You just pay for it if you need to buy gold which will make your life a little more easy in-game. So this makes it an excellent game for working adults that are willing to spend a little of their cash to make the game simpler for them if they ca’t place as much time into it, or children that have no cash.

The game is quite engaging and has an excellent system in which you are able to join other players in large scale coalition fights. There are small things whom I believe the game designers could improve upon, but for now I ‘m loving the game and looking forward to where it’ll be headed. If you’ve go check out the match! It costs you nothing to get the full version of the game, as I said. I wager you’ll be hooked very quickly!



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