Felspire Hack, Cheats and Generator – Add Diamonds, Gold and Bound Diamonds

Felspire Hack Tool and Cheats

Check it out! Our new Felspire Hack Tool and Cheats allow you to reach the top without spending ever a penny!

Felspire is new browser-based MMORPG, developed by 37Games. The game is set in world abandoned by Gods. Dark creatures and demons from the abyss began to invade your world, you have to stop them! While your adventure you will explore many regions, such as Lost Forest, Mist Camp, Forgotten Grave, Domain of Poseidon, Bleak Desert, and even more.

At the beginning you can choose between 3 classes: Mage (AoE, high ATK, high DEF), Archer (swift, high ATK, good at ranged battle), and Warrior (doughty, good at melee). After that you will start your journey! There are few interesting features, such as Vip System, which will give us privilege like: speed of leveling up increased by 1.5, trade tax decreased to 2%, daily AP +10 and much more.

It also worth to notice about The Guild vs Guild, GvG will be available on every friday. The system will choose the top 3 guilds based on their total CP. These 3 guilds are qualified to join the attacking side of the Guild vs Guild war.

Unfortunately to strengthen your character you need huge amount of Gold, Diamonds  and Bound Diamonds. With our Felspire Hack Tool and Cheats you can get those resources for free. 37.com not allows to play only games, but to also become part of a global gaming community. For more informations about company or the game, please visit official game website.

Amazing Felspire Hack, Cheats Tool and Trainer

Now it’s time to present you our new application. Felspire Cheats Tool and Generator allow you to add unlimited number of Bound Diamonds, Diamonds and Gold. Of course there are a few of hacking methods for this game. On one hand you have scripts and bots can automatically farm bound diamonds and gold, but I think our method is better than others. You can use added resources immediately, and buy whatever you want.

Felspire Hack Tool and Generator is working on every device with iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Amazon. Of course it also works on PC with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Linux and MAC. Our programmers were implemented Anti-Ban Protection and private proxy script to the Felspire Hack and Cheat. Cheating in games has always been allowed and always will be. However, it is indeed possible for the Game Masters to ban cheaters from the game. With those features that I mentioned above, you don’t have bother about it. You are anonymous.

If you have any issues with this application, feel free to contact us by contact form. You can also add comment with your opinion about this application.

Felspire Cheats Tool and Triche Features:

  • Add Free Bound Diamonds, Gold and Diamonds.
  • No need personal data, jailbreak or root.
  • Anti-Ban Protection included.
  • 100% safe and undetectable.
  • Modern and easy to use interface.
  • No region lock.

Felspire Cheats Tool Download



How to use the app:

  1. First, you have to press “Download Now” button and download the Felspire Hack and Cheats to your hard drive.
  2. Unpack it, and run the software tool.
  3. Choose your browser, and put name of your game server.
  4. Enter value of Diamonds, Bound Diamonds and Gold that you wanna add to your game account and put your character name.
  5. Press “Generate” button and wait a while.
  6. It’s all, now you can share Felspire Hack, Cheats and Generator with your friend and family.



    • At the bottom of page you can read how to use the application.

    • At the bottom of page you can read how to use the application.

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